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Inspired by memories, made with passion

Born as a need of expressing myself through anything but words, BLUSAFFRON scents have their roots in pure life,

real emotion and true passion. Designed in the tradition of luxury perfumes and aromas, BLUSAFFRON is a new and contemporary vision of the art of bringing back memories through scents.

Grandma’s flower garden or the first kiss, the summer rain or the first trip outside of your comfort zone,

a family get together or a “me only” getaway, the fresh breeze of the sea and the crisp mountain air, the mornings of a lazy “stay in bed” time or the nights of mysterious reflection... these are all not just moments, but memories that are brought back through scents.

The Blusaffron luxury collection of scents evokes memories of my life, of your life and your best friend’s life. It takes you in the past and brings you in the moment... old or new memories are woken up by our amazing and unique scents.

A luxury candle for the place where you spend the best time of all... your space. But not just a candle. The candle that defines you and your home, your memories and your feelings. Sometimes romantic and suave, other times bold and powerful, mysterious and dark, joyful and zesty... just like you, just like your life and the best moments of it. Get that sophisticated air back on and be like the women in France who don't just love fragrances; they can't imagine living without it. Let the scent define who you are. 

Our solid perfumes are absolutely out of this world. You will never leave home without it. Made with the best ingredients, our perfumes take your sophistication to a new level. Solid scents tend to travel much easier, and fit better into the slimline clutch you've been eager to wear. Because you apply the product using your fingers, it's easier to target your pulse points, and provides more control if you tend to be heavy-handed with the spray and walk through method.

Even better, if you're sensitive to most fragrances, you'll never run the risk of having a migraine triggered

by a version that wears too strong—just one swipe per wrist should do the trick.

Our bath tea soaks are an original creation, made to complete the BLUSAFFRON experience. Light a candle, place a bath tea bag in your tub and enjoy the memories and that unique moment that belongs to you and you only. Finish your experience by applying some solid perfume on your pulse points.

Scents for your home, your body & your soul

Clean ingredients

Canadian made

Unique & exquisite

Best Quality


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PO Box 1102 Succ Bureau-Chef

Saint-Lazare QC, J7T 2Z7 Canada

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