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Pure soy wax candle, using a blend of custom made essential oils cotton wick, approx. 300g, up to 70 hours of burning time. Recycled glass container with cork, reusable & recyclable.


  • 1 - En Provence

    I don’t know how you feel, but for me… I must start this amazing journey around the world in Provence. This is for real the first stop, where everything starts, where perfumes have their roots & history, where the fields of lavender end just where the horizon line starts, where the sun is mild & friendly, where the melon sorbet is best on Earth & where the smell of morning mimosas are just out of this world… where Provence’s fragrant purple fields are in full bloom. The delicate fragrance of lavender is so well known by everyone… Fall in love with the beauty of Provence! Drive among beautiful roads, vineyards and rows of vibrant purple lavender & golden-yellow sunflower fields or wander the streets of hilltop villages, with stone cottages and painted shutters. Jump in the refreshing water of canyon rivers, waterfalls, and the turquoise sea. Feel free like a never-ending lavender field & happy like a summer day, enjoy the time & place, the beauty & the spirit that this amazing adventure is just about to offer you.

    Available in 6 custom essential oil blends, for a complete, "around the world" experience:
    1 - En Provence
    2 - Valencia
    3 - Bora Bora
    4 - When in Rome
    5 - Spice Route
    6 - Whistler

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