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Pure soy wax candle, using a blend of custom made essential oils cotton wick, approx. 300g, up to 70 hours of burning time. Recycled glass container with cork, reusable & recyclable.


  • 3 - Bora Bora

    That’s it! I am taking you all on the vacation of your dreams… Bora Bora… As one of the 118 islands of Tahiti, its allure comes from its amazing Tahitian culture, friendly & welcoming people & it’s breath taking beauty. The people of Bora Bora embrace visitors with the aromatic tiare leis and welcome them with warm smiles and traditional music and dance, so all that warmth & happiness is successfully incorporated in this amazing candle. This one is happy like a full day on the beach… soft sand, warm sun, breezy air, fresh lemon, just squeezed in your favourite cocktail & time… the best time in the world. Free of worries or rush, this is the never ending time… meant to last an eternity.

    Available in 6 custom essential oil blends, for a complete, "around the world" experience:
    1 - En Provence
    2 - Valencia

    3 - Bora Bora
    4 - When in Rome
    5 - Spice Route
    6 - Whistler

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