Used for hands or the entire body, any of these bars of soaps are unlike anything else you find on the market. We don’t just use oils & butters in our soaps, but we take it further... The main ingredient of our soaps is the Mediterranean Olive Oil, always infused & curated for weeks with natural, botanical, organic ingredients. Packed in 100% recyclable packaging made form recycled pulp, these bars of soap are a real gift for everyone’s skin.


  • 6 assorted ALL NATURAL soaps for hands & body, made with infused Mediterranean olive oil & exotic butters.

    BLUSH: Classic & timeless, famed for its ability to relieve anxiety and help regulate hormones and nervous system, infused with beetroot powder to prevent skin pigmentation.

    EN PROVENCE: Calming & soothing, mild & romantic, lavender & patchouli, with a touch of lemongrass, great for repairing dry, damaged or irritated skin.

    EVERGREEN: Infused with spirulina powder (for a calming, anti-inflamatory & balancing effect on the tissue), this amazing soap is all about the natural outdoor living. Cool & crisp, fresh like the mountain air.

    LEMON CHAI: The king of all soaps... crisp & spicy, this luxurious cleansing bar (for face or body) is infused with turmeric & saffron, bringing an extra boost of anti-oxidants, leaving a more brighter & even skin tone.

    NORDIQUE: Fresh & crisp, the creamy, cleansing lather of this soap leaves the skin feeling tingly with natural menthol from the essential oil of peppermint & eucalyptus.

    CARROUSEL: Spicy & deep, this bar of soap brings together the sweetness of liquorice & deepness of clove, making it so aromatic, that will fill your bathroom with the alluring scent.

    NO artificial colours
    NO artificial fragrances 
    NO Parabens
    NO Chemical Preservatives
    NO Synthetic Additives