Festive & crisp notes of fresh pine & fraser fir, eucalyptus & oranges, scented solid perfume in resealable tin. 25g of beautifully scented alcohol-free solid perfume, portable, made with only the best ingredients for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day. Can double as moisturizer; apply to elbows, knees or heels for deep moisturizing and divine scent.

SOLID PERFUME MON BEAU SAPIN / in love with the frozen forest


    Alcohol-free solid perfume, crisp notes of fresh pine & fraser fir, cones & eucalyptus, festive dried oranges, cinnamon & bark, moss and chypre,  phthalate free, made in Canada with the best ingredients. Ideal for travelling, this solid perfume acts as a concentrated fragrance and skin moisturizer. Hand made in Canada with the best ingredients.

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